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Coachella Valley's LGBTQ and Gay Positive Stage Company - PS Pride 2014 "Organization of the Year"

For "Family" and Friends

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The Dedications


Viveca Harrison

Bruce Fowler

Terry Huber

William H. Moss

Christopher Wiley

Keith Nielsen

Paul MacKey

Dale I. Lantvit

Neil F. Finnegan

James Campodonico

Guy Loundagin

In Memory of Leonard Gershe, Playwright

Fred Fehlau

Greg De Lumeau

Joe Stones

Daniel Nava

Reily Uruch & Steven Clippinger

Alvin Kupperman & Michael Fishman

Dan Clancy - playwright

Jim Davis & Bob Muehl

John Armor

Robert McCracken & Phil Murphy

Waller Burns

Mason - McGhee

Bob Jaworski

Mario Koppe

In Memory of Craig O'Neill

Matthew Toles

Donald Hector

Michael Pettit Freimark

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Stern

Peter Alcuri

Adam Tillotson

Jerome Elliott

In Memory of Carolyn Barber

John Cashman & Marshall Aiken & Pampa

In Memory of Frank Jewitt

Jay Margrey

Garnett Smith

In Memory of Al Wilson

Guy Prehn

Avery Shorts

Dawson Shorts

Earl Gauger

Paul Johner & James Santema

Hal Benson

Ken Behrens

Dan Feraldo

Marge Doyle and Wendy Cohen

Hal O'Connell

Canyon Kitchen & Bath

Jerome Elliott

Jerome Elliott

Michael Ingram Jones

Emile Norman Charitable Trust

In Memory of Linus and Peggy Huber

Rich Dalwigk

Kirk Bridgman

Joyce & Grace

Hank Smith

Alden West

John Alex Houlton

Butch Linton

Jim Gillen

Jim Jamerson

David Yarno

In Honor of Bernie Moskowitz

Maureen Huering-Appel


                                     To celebrate the cast and crew of

                                       DIRTY LITTLE SHOWTUNES

                                      for 71-derful performances 2012