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Coachella Valley's LGBTQ and Gay Positive Stage Company - PS Pride 2014 "Organization of the Year"

For "Family" and Friends

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MUST CLOSE JULY 30!!                 HOT SUMMER NIGHTS at The Desert Rose Playhouse!!

Performances are June 23 - July 30, 2017
Order Tickets Here

Tickets will not be mailed.  
Your Tickets will be waiting at Will-Call at your Performance.

There is no Service Charge for Phone or Internet Orders.
Order Online or Phone our Box Office at 760-202-3000.

The Box Office opens at 4 PM for Evening Performances 
and at 12 Noon for Sunday Matinees.

All Sales Are Final.



"The boys have gathered to spend an evening in a safe place where they can just be themselves. Someone brings along a game, a version of “Truth or Dare,” here called “Fact, Fiction or Fantasy.” So that’s how the clothes come off, as they win or lose at each turn, while we learn more about each one’s life. We gain insight as they describe an incident in their past or act out a challenge. It builds into an amazing and gleeful final scene which you will love.

It’s the laughter, that wonderful laughter with so many levels, which unites us all in the joy of life and the appreciation of our differences. This is an extraordinary show that offers a most important gift."
-VJ Hume, C.V. Independent 

David Dillon's heartfelt and sexy comedy is back for another series of
Hot Summer Nights  at the Desert Rose Playhouse!!

Kevin (Michael Pacas) plays the host for an evening of drinks and games.
The drinks are fruity shots - the game of the evening is "Fact, Fiction or Fantasy".

The players are Travel Agent Philip (Jason Hull), Catholic Priest Ray (Kam Sisco), Dancer/Singer Brian (Allan Jensen), Leatherman James (Robbie Wayne), 
Romantic College Student Peter (Miguel Arballo), and the Shy and Curious Newcomer to Gay Life Andy (Samuel Frank).

Over the course of the evening's game, tales are spun, confessions are revealed, and fantasies are fulfilled.  By the end of the night a very close group of gay men reveal everything for a final challenge.   Come see the happiest and most inspiring gay comedy in years!   

Limited to 18 performances only!  DON'T MISS IT!!

                           L to R:  Kam Sisco as "Ray" and Jason Hull as "Philip" in PARTY 2017