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Coachella Valley's LGBTQ and Gay Positive Stage Company - PS Pride 2014 "Organization of the Year"

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by Pulitzer Prize Winner LANFORD WILSON

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or call 760-202-3000

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Tickets will not be mailed (no matter what Paypal tells you...).

The Box Office at The Desert Rose Playhouse is at 69-620 Highway 111,
Rancho Mirage CA 92270 - between Frank Sinatra Drive 
and Emperor Chinese Buffet.

Tickets are $37 for Evening shows an $34 for Matinees.  
There is no service charge for internet or phone orders.
All Ticket Prices include a $2 Facility Fee.

The Box Office opens at 4 PM for Evening Shows on Fridays and Saturdays
and at NOON for Sunday Matinees.

Playhouse Doors open for General Admission seating 30 minutes prior to curtain.

The scene is a sprawling farmhouse in rural Missouri, which is home to Ken, a legless Vietnam veteran, and his lover, Jed, a horticulturist. They are visited by Ken's sister, June, and her precocious teenage daughter Shirley, and by Gwen and John—the former a hard-drinking, pill-popping heiress who aspires to be a rock star, the latter her wary-eyed husband and manager. All are old friends from college days, and former activists who agitated for what they hoped would be a better world. 

The action centers on Gwen's offer to buy the farm, which she plans to convert into a recording studio, and on Ken's Aunt Sally, who has come to the family homestead to scatter the ashes of her late husband. Their talk, as the play progresses, is sharp and funny and, in the final essence, deeply revealing of lost hopes and dreams and of the bitterness that must be fought back if one is to perceive the good that life can offer.

Presented by New York's famed Circle Repertory Company, this brilliant, enthralling play has been hailed as a major work by one of our theatre's most important and celebrated writers. Alternately funny and moving, it deals with a group of former student activists and the changes that have been wrought in their lives and attitudes in the years since leaving college.

 "This is one of the most incredibly well-written, beautifully acted, profound and moving and often hilarious plays it has ever been my privilege to see in the American theater." —NY Daily News. 

"Few contemporary playwrights are as humane, or as wise as Lanford Wilson. There aren't many plays to see that are as interesting and absorbing and feeling and funny as this."  —Cue Magazine.

"The characters are mostly flamboyant, their dialogue crackles with laugh-inducing lines and we find ourselves dazzled by Wilson's virtuoso writing."
  -         -  The Hollywood Reporter

The Cast:
Brent Anderson (Ken)
Jason Hull (Ken's lover Jed)
Ann Van Haney (Ken's sister June)
Monique Burke (June's daughter Shirley)
Alden West (Ken's and June's Aunt Sally)
Michael Pacas (College chum John)
Melanie Blue (John's heiress wife Gwen)
and James Owens (their musician friend Wes)

Directed by Jim Strait
Scenery and Costumes by Robbie Wayne

Executive Producers - Tim Cagney & Michael Pacas
Producing Partner - Ed Monie