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Coachella Valley's LGBTQ and Gay Positive Stage Company - PS Pride 2014 "Organization of the Year"

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Submissions are being accepted now for our 2017-18 season of plays.

We will hold call-backs for each show separately.

We rehearse at the Playhouse, generally Mon - Thurs eves from 7-10.  Tech week rehearsals are 6-11 or shorter depending on the show.

All actors are paid a stipend for performance weeks.  We do not carry AEA contracts for our shows.

Auditions Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 1 - 5 PM for FIFTH OF JULY only.

Email for an appointment.

Fifth of July by Lanford Wilson, a Gay Heritage Production

Jan 12 – Feb 4, 2018

Rehearsals start December 4, 2017 


From a pioneer off-off-Broadway playwright  who went on to a prodigious Broadway career and a Pulitzer Prize for drama.

The Talley family farmhouse is home to legless Viet Nam vet Ken and his lover Jed, a horticulturist.  They are visited by Ken’s sister June and her teenage daughter and by old college chums Gwen, a hard rocking pill-popping singer and her manager/husband John.  Former college activists, their talk is sharp and funny and deeply revealing of lost hopes and dreams which must be pushed aside to achieve the good life can offer.  “one of the most incredibly written, profound, moving and ultimate hilarious plays it has ever been my privilege to see” –  NY Daily News


Ken Talley, Jr. – Viet Nam vet who had both legs shot off seven years before.  Gay, strong, good-looking and a bit cynical.  Lives on family homestead with his lover Jed.


Jed Jenkins – Ken’s lover; larger stronger, an almost silent listener.


June Talley – 30’s, Ken’s sister.


Shirley Talley – 14, June’s daughter


John Landis – 30’s, childhood friend of the Talley’s


Gwen Landis – 30’s, John’s wife, a pill-popping heiress and aspiring rock singer.  She’s not a little neurotic and kind of racy.


Weston Hurley – 20’s, songwriter friend of John and Gwen


Sally Friedman  - 60’s, Ken and June’s aunt, not really batty, she’s preoccupied.




Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams

March 9 – April 1, 2018

Rehearsals start Feb 5


The classic horror story from Tennessee Williams of Sebastian Venable’s life and death and his mother Violet’s diabolical plan to stifle the truth about Sebastian by cutting the memories out of her niece Catherine’s brain.  “Williams’ most devastating statement about corruption in the world… a triumphant piece of dramatic literature” – NY Times.


Violet Venable – Formidable New Orleans Garden District Doyenne.  Strong of spirit and devoted to the memory of her son Sebastian.

Dr. Cukrowicz – Young attractive physician studying new procedures for Psychiatric patients.  Summoned by Mrs. Venable to treat her niece Catherine.

Catherine Holly – 20’s, a beautiful young woman who traveled with Mrs. Venable’s son Sebastian and witnessed his horrific death.

Mrs. Holly – 50’s, Catherine’s mother, sniveling and devious, she is eager to inherit money from Sebastian’s estate.

George Holly – 20’s, Catherine’s brother, tall and elegant, he’s impatient to get his inheritance from Sebastian’s estate. 

Miss Foxhill – 40’s, Mrs. Venable’s assistant/secretary.  The keeper of the gate.

Sister Felicity – 30’s, a nun from Catherine’s hospital who brings and supervises Catherine at her Aunt Violet’s mansion.



Mixed Plate Fundraiser  

April 7, 2018

Backwards Broadway

Men sing songs written for women and vice versa.

DARE by Allan Baker   

April 20 – May 13, 2018

Rehearsals start March 19


World Premiere Production of a comedy/drama about an 82-year old gay man reliving his part in LGBT history before he ends his life. 


Jack 82 Male, Patient In A Central California Nursing Home.  A theatre director and former activist, he’s starving himself to reach the “final act” of his life’s play.


Josh 28 Male, A Gay Physician, Compassionate, he’s learning LGBT history and is very fond of Jack.


Younger Jack 42 To 59 Male, A Memory Character, he re-lives Jack’s earlier days.


David 19 To 36 Male, another Memory Character, in love with younger Jack, an activist, very passionate


Nurse Assistant 30’s Male, redneck bigoted bully who works in Jack’s nursing home.





Email to or USPS mail to: 

DRP Auditions, P.O. Box 2256, Cathedral City CA 92235

Auditions will be scheduled for each show.

All actors are paid for performances.

Thanks for your submissions!